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Hell’s Hospital Grand Opening Sale

To celebrate the opening of Hell’s Hospital the admission is on $1.99 (Half Price)

Download Direct to your OUYA!   

Purchasing admission to Hell’s Hospital will grant you access to all levels including new ones added as updates and multiplayer when it is released.

So book yourself in for an extended visit.

Hell’s Hospital

Hell’s Hospital is now live on OUYA.

30 Levels of death and torment in the initial release to let people play and get some feedback.

With more levels being made now and multiplayer being developed its going to be a nightmare ride you wont want to miss.

Unstable Blocks for OUYA is now out of Sandbox


It finally happened, Unstable Blocks has been taken out of the Sandbox section of the OUYA market and can now be found in the Puzzle, Multiplayer and Arcade sections of the OUYA Market.

Big thanks go to MajesticFlame and Michaelrp67 on for helping to fix a few of the bugs.

Hope you all enjoy the game.

All New Elusive Byte Website

Welcome to the all new Elusive Byte website.

Here you can find out about Elusive Byte, its creator and most importantly the Games.

Games are nothing without their players so this site will invite you to comment, share and report on the games made by Elusive Byte.

There will also be access to many games which were trials which failed to be completed. Many would hide these but every day is a school day and an idea a designer may not like, the people who play the games may love and a missed opportunity may have slipped by.

Hope to hear from you all soon.