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Unstable Blocks

Unstable Blocks has been released on OUYA to some great reviews.

“Had my vote in the game of the month”  michaelrp67

“People are thinking it’s some Tetris clone. Man are they missing out” majesticflame

The premise of Unstable Blocks is simple, stack the blocks to the correct height, but there is a sting in the tail. All the blocks have real physics applied.
This adds the dimension that  if you dont stack the blocks correctly or if you stack them too fast your tower will topple and its game over.

The best way to describe the enjoyment of this game is by describing the faces and bodies of the players, they all look something like this.

With 6 increasingly difficult levels with bonus multipliers, leader boards, achievements and multiplayer there is plenty to do in this game to keep you playing for hours.

So grab your OUYA and get your name on a leader board.

Video – Unstable Blocks Video