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Hell’s Hospital

I purchased game instantly…” sd3 –

It’s creative and unique, I haven’t seen any other game like it on the OUYA.” Meltdown –


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Well Hell’s Hospital is now accepting patients.

And on sale half price at $1.99.


So grab your straight-jacket, buckle it tight as you are going on the nightmare of your life.

This first person action platformer will have you round the twist, blubbering in the corner and begging for your mommy.

As a patient in Hell’s Hospital you will receive the worst care and treatment. But during your stay you have began hallucinating, and now you want out. But it will not be as easy as walking out the front door.

Not only have the medical staff arranged for some evil mechanical torture rooms, but your own head has a few nasties. These hallucinations may not be real but they sure will hurt.

The goal is simple. Survive and Escape. But you will need skill, timing, good reflexes to make it out. Or you will die…a lot.

This hospital is not going to let you leave without a fight.

Building this Hospital has been a lot of fun and the best part about it is that it can grow. Each time a patient dies it saves its soul and someday it may just build a new room in memory to the new soul it has acquired.

New levels and Multiplayer are in the pipeline and will be updated soon.

Enjoy your stay.

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